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Prenatal Preparing to Breastfeed Workshop

Join me for a prenatal ‘Prepare to Breastfeed’ workshop Monday October 10/22 -$120 per family

TRS Inc. Professional Suite

40 Exchange Place, 3rd Floor

New York, NY, 10005


November 19th; 6-8pm.

Prenatal Preparing to Breastfeed Workshop is a 2 hours class on everything you need to know to begin your breastfeeding journey. Topics covered will include:


·      Why breastmilk is amazing!

·      The first latch

·      Fit and hold (latch and positioning)

·      Milk supply and demand, managing and establishing your supply

·      How to recognize feeding cues

·      What to expect in the first few days and weeks

·      How to know if your baby is eating enough

·      Night time feeds and sleep expectations in the first year

·      Pumping and ‘back to work’

·      Bottle feeding the breast fed baby

·      Hand expression

·      Common issues and their warning signs

·      Supplies and accessories many people find helpful

·      What to do if you need more help

Email me for more information and to reserve a seat.