I serve Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens families in reaching their breastfeeding goals with evidence based practice, nurturing guidance and encouragement. The care I provide is is tailored to each mother and babies unique situation and needs.

Why a Breastfeeding Counselor?

A Breastfeeding Counselor is certified to support and guide families in reaching their breastfeeding goals through education and providing care such as assessing latch, suggesting corrective interventions, counseling mothers, providing management plans as well as understanding and applying knowledge of milk production in special circumstances (such as premies, Down Syndrome, or newborns affected by medications).

I can help you start your journey on the right track by providing prenatal and postnatal evidence based education and support. 

When to find Breastfeeding Support?

If you are experiencing any of the below:

  • nipple or breast pain
  • baby is having difficulty latching on to the breast
  • milk supply concerns
  • overactive letdown or oversupply
  • feeling overwhelmed and like giving up
  • baby is unusually fussy
  • slow weight gain
  • recurring infections and nipple damage
  • questions about pumping, milk supply and storage
  • questions while pregnant about how this whole breastfeeding thing works, what's so great about it? How to start? Any and all queries.

Evidence shows that women who have access to breastfeeding support are more able to meet their breastfeeding goals. I am here to serve you!